Professional Testimonials  
"All the best shows prep heavily but Pete and Brenda follow that up by becoming a part of their listener's lives just by being themselves. The combination of experience, talent and natural personality makes Pete and Brenda more effective than other radio morning shows. They are two of the hardest working people in the business."

Jack Taddeo Communications

"Together and/or separately Pete and Brenda represent A) a highly entertaining morning or afternoon show! B) a unique marketing approach in that they are married…to each other and C) two superb voices that are capable of doing a number of different formats and do them well and D) are "normal" people and very easy to deal with.”

Ed Levine, Galaxy Communications President and CEO

Galaxy Communications, LP is a locally owned and operated radio company covering the airwaves from Syracuse to Albany with formats that include Classic Rock, New Rock, Soft Rock, Sports, and Adult Standards.

“Pete and Brenda are a perfect pairing of brilliance and humility. They understand that the core element to success in this medium is not only knowing your audience, but BEING your audience. They are constantly in show-prep mode as they walk through life taking daily lessons and the best practices and relating them to the masses through themselves. They make everyone around them better.

Leslie Pfau, Marketing Manager KRSK / KWJJ Entercom PORTLAND

I have known Pete and Brenda for 20 years and their strengths get stronger. Pete and Brenda have a passion to execute at the top of their game every day. They have a unique ability to not just talk to the listeners, but to be interactive with them. Pete and Brenda observe life situations, including their own, 24/7 to make that special connection to the audience.

Greg Carpenter - Program Director WLIF Radio - CBS Baltimore

“I love Pete and Brenda. By understanding what’s important to their radio audience they created a “real life” show by using reoccurring health expert guests (fitness and nutrition) to produce weekly segments that were fun and interesting. As a guest expert on the show, I found the segments were effortless and came alive with their questions, personal stories and funny antics. Who needs coffee in the morning when Pete and Brenda are on the air!”

Heidi Diller, RD Albertsons Corporate Nutritionist

From: Dave Arthur
RE: Pete & Brenda Book Club Launch
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 21:25:28 -0700

Hats off to Pete and Brenda and the promotions team!!!

One of the first talks I had with Brenda when they first arrived to The Fish, Brenda talked about having a book club like the one she was involved with in NY. After much time and energy, we got in the door at Portland's newest Barnes and Noble around the corner from the station. Tonight was the first gathering and we weren't sure what to expect. I just got off the phone with Pete and Brenda and was excited to hear that 61 people showed up to sit and talk about this month's book! WAY TO GO! I couldn't be more thrilled! I was seriously hoping that we'd have maybe 15 folks for the first go around, so to have 61 it absolutely wonderful!

Job well done! I'm thrilled to work with you all!

Dave Arthur
Program Director – KFIS – 104.1 the FISH

From: "Dennis Hayes"
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 10:01:06 -0800

Pete and Brenda, Please forgive me of my tardiness. But WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! What a Christmas party. Thank you for opening your home to the staff this year. You both have always been very generous and giving. Everything was so festive and the food was incredible. All my family members were very impressed once again with your warmth and kindness! You two party animals (wolves) know how to throw a party.

Thanks again
Dennis Hayes General Manager
Portland Cluster KPDQ AM & FM, KFIS, KTRO, KRYP

Hi Guys, it’s Leslie in promotions. Read the email below…I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Would you like to respond? She would probably be thrilled that we stream and she CAN hear you. How exciting!

You guys are wonderful!

Leslie Pfau
Director of Marketing and Promotions
KFIS 104.1 The Fish

From: Kathy
To: Leslie
Subject: Pete and Brenda....

Hi Leslie: Is your morning team the same Pete and Brenda who were on Y94 in Central New York a few years ago..??? If they are, I just wanted to let them know that I really miss them. They were just wonderful to listen to - they made getting ready for work a fun thing. When they left Y94, I stopped listening to that station. I was looking for a certain song and in my "surfing" I found your site. Living in central New York, I am unable to pick up your station (do you stream?), but I'm sure the folks in your listening area are enjoying their
fun style.

Warmest regards,
Kathy from Auburn, NY

May 2, 2008

Dear Pete and Brenda;

I’m writing regarding an endorsement that you did for my client. Recently, you did an on-air endorsement of my client, Foot Solutions of Tigard and their products. This endorsement was for a one week promotion that would air on our stations. Shortly after the promotion, I visited the client’s store to follow up with him and discuss ideas for building on the momentum that the store gained from the endorsement. While at the store, a customer overheard that I was from The Fish radio station and proceeded to inform the client and I that the only reason that they chose to come to this store was because of the recommendation that they heard from Pete and Brenda on the “Pete and Brenda” show on 104.1 The Fish. The client was impressed, and decided to buy the package that I presented to continue to build on the momentum of the first short campaign and endorsement.

Thank you for your endorsement of my client and their products. The success of your endorsement helped secure customers for my client and ensured that they will continue to look to our stations to build their business.


April R. Eckert
Account Executive

From: Greg Smith
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 09:19
Subject: Albertson’s

Hi Pete & Brenda:

Thanks for this additional information and the outstanding added value support that included Albertson’s nutritionist Heidi in the Healthy Wednesday segment in the Pete & Brenda Show. We were able to increase our revenue monthly and annually. Many thanks and much appreciation for your (team Pete & Brenda) creativity and for providing us with some timely ideas to run with. They worked! Smile, big smile!

Take care

Greg Smith
National Sales Manager/VRR Reps.
104.1 The Fish